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La Carrubbazza, with 2 R, two B and two Z, on the contrary of the right Italian nomenclature (but we are in Sicily, generous, immense, lively), it's an old nineteenth-century residence surrounded by a typical green Sicilian garden.

La Carrubbazza, property of an ancient and noble family of Catania, was at first a profitable and extended vineyard, then, during the years, was changed into a citrus grove and nowadays has become an hotel.

Annetta and Maria, respectively born in 1836 and 1839, inherited by the maternal aunt the estate, going against their parents' will, who destined them to monastic life, married two handsome young men. The family decided they wouldn't have had nothing for dowry, as provided for church community, but the aunt, without children, considering offensive this decision, decided to arrange for them with her fortune.

The property was shared between the sisters. The left side of the millstone's entry has still this sign "First grape harvest Semptember the 20th 1887", maybe the  date when restoration works ended.

Annetta an Maria's heirs marked definitely the boundaries of the property with dry stone walls, leaving a way through to let relatives pass.