A plunge into hospitality

Casa La Carrubbazza is an old nineteenth Century residence in San Gregorio.
Formerly it was a winery, nowadays is a hamlet surrounded by a typical green Sicilian garden.

After a recent restoration it became a 4 stars Charme Hotel:
places once used as cellars today contain 3 bedrooms for each floor;
the millstone became a living room and common area;
some ancient storehouses house 3 suites;
the building once used as warehouse of grapes
has been rebuilt as it was, in order to allocate 4 bedrooms;
the tank, used in the past like water supply for the farm, have been rebuilt to hold the restaurant.

A panoramic terrace gives, on one hand, a wonderful view of Catania Gulf
and on the other side one of the volcano Etna.
Part of the citrus grove have been removed to leave space to a Mediterranean ornamental garden.

Is expected to be realized a swimming pool, surrounded by the greenery to reduce the hot Summer weather.

Relaxation, reception and attention to details are perfectly integrated in a quiet and
homely atmosphere to offer a unique and unforgettable stay.

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